I submit that this expression of concern by a father and scouter to his Eagle Scout son expresses eloquently my own concerns.  You can rest assured that I will be forwarding this letter to my Eagle Scout son with special emphasis on this key sentence:

"If the BSA Board is more devoted to its corporate sponsors than the organization's mission, and fears it will collapse without those sponsors, then let it fall with honor rather than decline in disgrace."

We as scouters, sponsors, and supporters of the tradition of scouting in preparing boys to be the ethical and moral men who can stand in the face increasing demands to compromise standards, must be Semper Vigilare (ever vigilant) against those who would tear down the organization from within.  I would propose the immediate ousting of any who would compromise this sacred tradition.

I would appreciate any comments and thoughts by those who care.

Regards, Dan A. Mefford, D.C.

(NOTE: This letter is a response from Mark Alexander to his son, a Cadet at the U.S. Air Force Academy, concerning the Boy Scouts of America national board proposal to allow homosexual Scout leaders. Alexander is both a Troop Scoutmaster and member of his area Boy Scout Executive Council.)
I received your note about news of an upcoming proposal before the Boy Scouts of America national board, which meets Wednesday, February 6th.

According to the news release regarding that proposal, "The BSA is discussing potentially removing the national membership restriction regarding sexual orientation." You are correct, the removal of this restriction will permit local BSA Councils to accept homosexual members and, moreover, to invite homosexuals to serve in leadership positions at all levels of the organization.

I understand your profound disappointment in this great organization, after all you accomplished to obtain your Eagle rank. I share that disappointment as your former Scoutmaster, and many years in other leadership positions with the BSA.