Thursday, February 28, 2013

On the Surface it Looks Good: Or Who is the Ultimate Authority?

The story of the rich young ruler is an episode in the life of Christ.  The rich young ruler comes to Jesus to ask what he might lack in order to receive eternal life, since he had kept all the commandments from his youth.  Jesus’ response is to go and sell all he has and give to the poor.  The point being that the young man, even though he had kept all commandments, was short on one key ingredient that was a heart issue in which he held his riches just a little closer to his heart than his concern for the things of God.

While our Illinois sheriffs have made huge steps in the right direction, in my opinion they lack one key ingredient.  It has to do with the recent statement of the Illinois sheriff’s association: 
“Rule of Law. Sheriffs recognize the rule of law in the United States in which the Supreme Court and lower courts are the ultimate authority in determining the constitutionality of any law.”

Monday, February 11, 2013

Samuel Whittemore, Patriot…

The research is easy on this Patriot.  Just Google his name and “Patriot” and it will come up.  The man was 80 years old when April 19, 1776 rolled around.  He might have heard the “shot heard ‘round the world.”  He was out working in his field as he heard the early shots of the American Revolution begin.  As the story goes he hustled into his house retrieved his musket and two dueling pistols that he acquired in the heat of an earlier battle at the young age of 64, and a sword.

Justice and the pit bulls…

Recently it is reported that a man came to the aid of a child who was being attacked by 3 pit bull dogs.  The man ran back into his house and retrieved a hand gun that he kept in his home.  The man shot one of the dogs, in the mean time an officer who heard the commotion responded and shot and killed the other two dogs.

We would be perfectly logical to assume that as additional officers arrived on the scene that the injured child would be the first concern of the additional officers who arrived a few moments later.  We could assume that as they gathered the information about what just happened that the officers on the scene would be congratulating and thanking the citizen for valiantly coming to the aid of a child.  We could further presume that the citizen would be nominated for a humanitarian award for his efforts at saving a child from further maiming and possibly death.