Monday, November 8, 2010

Governmenticin Overdose. . .

Tea Party / 9/12 groups had a substantial influence on the recent elections.  What is excellent is that these groups, including the Pike County group, are made up of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents.  Our common interest relates to the 9 Principles and 12 Values (  This, and the concern that somehow our country has gotten off track and our chosen “Parties” are now largely a part of the problem rather than a means of solving the problem.

I would ask that those of you within your respective parties who have a care and concern for the future of our great land, approach the elected officials within your party and GET THEIR ATTENTION and let them know that they are being watched very closely and that you expect to see them pay true allegiance, and due diligence to the Constitution of the United States and to the Constitution of the State of Illinois, which they have sworn an oath to uphold and defend.

I know so many local people who have some substantial measure of influence at higher levels.  It would be my hope that you will stay in your party and become an instrument for correcting deficiencies and supporting those who you know to be supportive of constitutionally authorized legislation and dump those who continue to resist the founding principles.  Remember, we the People granted to our government certain powers and NO MORE.  Governments at all levels have chosen to ignore the boundaries set by the People.

Our legislators have chosen to pass any piece of legislation that they thought might help them get favor with a “voting bloc” of their constituents regardless of constitutional authority or constitutionality.  A perfect example is the new US Senator Elect Kirk (R) with his vote for Cap and Trade made as US Representative.  He stated that, “it was good for his district;” that is why he voted for it.  Then he stated that it would not have been good for Illinois as a whole.  Therefore if he had been in the Senate he would have voted against it.  These congress critters love to say “it’s necessary for the children” or whatever cutesy little catchy name makes it sound good.

I say, “Show us where you have constitutional authorization to impose Cap and Trade.”

I say, “Show us the authority for forced Government Healthcare” - if you can’t find it then get busy and repeal it…!

I say, “You need to SHOW us your integrity by sticking within constitutional bounds or face the wrath of the People!”  We don’t care what party you are in; we care that you are living up to your oath!

Do we really need this huge monstrosity of a government to tell us what we can eat, what we can’t eat, what we can smoke, what we can’t smoke, what we can drink, what we can’t drink?  I don’t smoke, does that give me the right to tell my neighbor whether he can or can’t?  I don’t think so, unless you are a guest in my home or in my business or unless you are blowing it on me in my personal space.  Part of liberty includes people making their own choices regardless of whether those choices are in their own best interest from my point of view.  Along with that choice comes taking the responsibility for your own decisions.

I am telling government to get out of my face, my space and my life and treat me with benign neglect.  I am telling government to follow their own rules and authority laid down by the founders.  I have had all the seat belt checks that I want.  I have had all the road blocks that I want for the rest of my life.  I say leave my banker alone to do what he does best.  I say leave my doctor alone to do what he does best.  I say, let the government mind its business and I will mind mine.  I have been wondering how this country ever got started and then survived without OSHA, DEA, FBI, IRS, ad nauseum, and now forced government health care for the first hundred years? 

I wonder how our country happened to be close to 98% literate in the founding era of our country.  After all they didn’t even have public schools with “no child left behind.”  We should all be dead cuz back in the “olden days” we didn’t have the public health department to keep the dishes clean and make sure the septic systems were laid out just so. 

In my best medical opinion there is a good chance that we could all die from an overdose of Governmenticin!