Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Time for Thanksgiving

Our country is currently under siege by those who would steal our Liberty through gradual, and sometimes not so gradual encroachment.  However even though the siege continues unabated we can take encouragement from the many things that remain "right" about our country and in particular, the County of Pike.

Recently my bride of 18 years, Anita, was injured in a freak accident that left her back broken in 3 places.  She must wear a large "turtle shell" back brace for several weeks to help her recover in a proper manner.  The good news is she will likely recover with minimal disability long term.  It is just a matter of "jumping" through the hoops of time and therapy to get back to some semblance of normalcy.

We find ourselves, not discouraged, but rather encouraged due to the fact the injury could have been so much worse.  Since the accident many friends and family have rallied to our side in this family's time of need.  An attitude of gratitude has actually been more common here than "woe is me."  So I have taken a brief respite from the world of, "fight theft of Liberty by subtle encroachment," to assume a higher priority responsibility of attending to my family's immediate needs.

Thanks to all those who have been so supportive of my family in this time of our need by bringing in food, assisting with chores, and in general lifting our spirits with cards and letters to Anita.  What a very special county full of kind and generous folks who express the very essence neighborliness.

I am reminded of our Lord when he was asked, who is my neighbor?"  His response essentially was, those around us in need.  Not necessarily just the person next door.  I think the People of Pike are the very epitome of, and definition of Neighbors, at least in my experience.  I thank the People and admire the People and respect the People of Pike.  I believe the People will continue to exhibit the nature of the "neighbor" and at the same time will right the ship of Liberty in her time of need as well.

Regards, Dr. Dan