Sunday, April 14, 2013

Diagnostic Status: Critical

I have been a practicing chiropractic physician for 36 years.  During the course of that time I have come across a number of cases where life threatening issues appeared.  I must always be on the lookout for those subtle clues that say to me, “better look a little deeper.”  The patients, many times, would prefer to avoid the cost of ruling out life threatening conditions.  If there is enough suspicion I must pursue it further.

The signs of serious illness are distinctive, yet can be elusive.  If missed, and the warning not given, then the life of the patient and the peace of the physician can hang in the balance.  During the course of practicing my profession I have found 4 brain tumors, 3 that were ultimately fatal.  I have discovered several lung tumors, and one abdominal tumor, and several metastatic malignancies of the spine, and many heart conditions. 

Right now I see signs and symptoms of a tumor, a cancer of another sort that appears to me to be highly malignant (malignant means, BAD).  This tumor is within the halls of government.  It is developing insidiously.  It is highly invasive.  It is expansile.  It is metastasizing and spreading throughout our land. However I believe that it can be treated and controlled, but never likely to be eradicated.  It will take the People acting and participating in their government to bring it back on track.

If the People continue to ignore the destruction of the foundational principles as stated in our founding documents, which are comprised of our Declaration of Independence and our United States Constitution, then we will see the cancer of usurpation of power and the tyranny of ‘government-out-of-control’ take this nation by storm and convert it from the land of the free and the home of the brave to the land of the defenseless and the home of the slave.

I am compelled; I am forced, by the very oath I took as a physician, and now as representative of the People of Pike County, to issue a warning consultation of the most ominous news.  I do not take the responsibility lightly.  We the People must turn the ship of state around or face the most serious death of our Liberty.