Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Milgram Experiment

     A series of psychology experiments were performed by Stanley Milgram.  The goal of the study is to measure the willingness of the participants to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts that conflicted with their personal conscience. 
     The study has three key participants.    A scientist/”authority,” a “coach,” and a “learner”/student.  Unbeknownst to the “coach” he is actually the one being studied.  However the “coach” is told that the test is about observing the coach training the learner who is supposed to remember a group of facts.  The scientist authority figure is to “observe” the technique and keep the study on track. 
     The real kicker comes when the “coach” is asked to deliver a shock to the the “learner.”  There is a bank of switches which deliver a shock to the “learner” if he gets a wrong answer.  With each wrong answer the “coach” delivers a shock to the “learner.”  The switch bank increments from 45 volts up to 450 volts.  With each missed question the next higher level of pain is induced.  The switches are marked low danger, medium danger, high danger, life threatening, death. 
     The “coach” continues to ratchet up to the next level at the direction of the scientist/authority figure.  Of course the study is rigged so that the coach continues to deliver ever increasing shocks no matter how much pain is caused.  Eventually the “learner”/actor cries out in pain and then eventually is non-responsive.  However the scientist/authority figure continues direct the “coach” to increase the intensity level of the jolts to the maximum 450 volts. 
     “Coaches” from all walks of life were tested, 65% went all the way to 450 volts even though their conscience was bothering them.  These were just “nice” obedient run of the mill folks. 
I would encourage everyone to view the videos here below.  There are two studies on video the original Milgram study and another one below in three parts.

Original film from Milgram  (
“Many people not knowing that much about the experiment claim that people who go to the end of the board are sadistic.  Nothing could be more foolish as an overall characterization of these persons.  The context of their actions must always be considered.  The individual upon entering the laboratory must be integrated into a situation that carries its own momentum.  The results, as I observed them in the laboratory, are disturbing.  They raise the possibility that human nature cannot be counted on to insulate men from brutality and inhumane treatment at the direction of malevolent authority.  A substantial proportion of people do what they are told to do irrespective of the content of the act without limitations of conscience so long as they perceive that the command comes from a legitimate authority.  If in this study an anonymous experimenter could successfully command adult to subdue a 50 year old man and force on him painful electric shocks against his protests, one can only wonder what government with its vastly greater authority and prestige can command of its subjects.” Stanley Milgram comments.
A newer version is available here in 3 parts:
Part 1 of 3  
Part 2 of 3 
Part 3 of 3 
     The conclusion is clear that the “average” person will continue to follow the direction of who, or what they perceive to be an authority figure, even if in their own mind it might or could be causing serious injury or even death.  We in America have been trained from the time we are very small to OBEY authority figures at home and all through school.  We have, to the tune of 65%, become obedient slaves.  Even escaped slaves from the Old South felt guilty for having “stolen” themselves from their masters. 
At what point will you consider resisting or defying authority when you perceive the authority is wrong.  Remember, “it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong (Voltaire).”
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Herd Mentality

Dan A. Mefford, D.C.

We have all read about the classic “herd mentality” exhibited by the buffalo on the plains. The Indians would surround the herd and stampede them over a cliff. Raising sheep and hogs I have observed the same phenomenon.

It is also a well documented response in people. There is just something way down deep in our souls that just has a hard time breaking loose from the herd and going our own independent way. When the herd begins to move, there is that tendency to ‘assume’ that someone up ahead must know “the way” that we need to go, after all, everyone is going “that way.”

Thinking, speaking, and acting on your own against the herd is hard, like swimming upstream. It leads to criticism, from friends and family however finally when major needed improvements come about the herd gradually starts turning ‘that way” but, not until some independent thinker begins to turn first.

My question, how long will it take officials to see that their loyalty cannot be to “the law” but to a Constitution which they are sworn to uphold against all  enemies foreign and domestic. The laws frequently are without constitutional merit. They are overturned all the time.

Many candidates have stated they will swear an oath to uphold the “laws” of the state of Illinois and to the constitution. I would recommend that the candidates review the oath and think about this.

Article 13, Section 3. “I do solemnly swear (affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Illinois, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of . . . to the best of my ability.”

Years ago it was not uncommon in some states to have blacks sit at the back of the bus, drink from their own fountain, use their own restroom. Those were laws. They were laws that caused pain for many years against people who could not afford fancy pants lawyers.

Will our newest crop of candidates for important legal positions in Illinois uphold and prosecute a law like that until the Supreme Court says “that is unconstitutional?” Or, will they have the courage to break from the herd and say for instance, “The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” on my watch!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ted Nugent on the Illinois FOID Card

Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent was the key note speaker at the recent, Feb. 10, 2012, Republican dinner at the Springfield Prairie Capitol Convention Center.  He had some "interesting" remarks on the FOID card (Firearm Owners ID).  Needless to say they weren't too flattering.  WMAY 970AM talk radio did the video recording.

Here is the short version edited by me. You gotta listen to this one at least referencing the FOID Card.... about 5 minutes…

Here is the full length speech if you have time... about 40 minutes…


Illiniois State Police Self Defense Recommendations to Women

 Dan A. Mefford, D.C.

NOTE:  The ISP pages referenced below have been deactivated since this post was made... 2012-03-12

I was really interested in what the Illinois State Police (ISP) recommends to women in the process of being assaulted.  Now before I go too far, I did a little unofficial research, with some of my friends who are state police actually “on the road” so to speak.  What I discovered from the cop in the trench and from the Official ISP website were not the same opinions.  But I have to go with the “Official” version for this article.

A little research at reveals the head of the ISP, Hiram Grau and Gov. Quinn recommend that a lady under assault (My comments are in parentheses):
  • Reason with their attacker (really?)
  • Tell attacker that you have AIDS or VD
  • Make yourself throw up (I am serious!)
  • Use your imagination
    (I am NOT making this up, please verify)

If you must fight they say:
  • Guns stolen from residences is a primary way criminals get weapons
    (I am not sure what this statement has to do with anything)
  •  Beware of times and places where attacks are most likely to occur
-Parking lots
-Walking at night
-Waiting for a bus
            -Others you will learn to recognize (After a few assaults, I suppose.  Honest women should not go to parking lots, for night walks, etc. they are “asking for it.”  Just criminals are allowed in these areas.)

Useful defense weapons are:
  • nail file
  • rat tail comb
  • teasing brush
  • pens and pencils
  • keys
  • anything rigid
[When fighting] Concentrate on these areas only when combating an assailant:
  • groin
  • eyes
  • ears
  • nose 
  • throat
Do Director Grau and Gov Quinn actually tell their wives and daughters this stuff? 

In forty nine other states essentially you are able to respond with, bang, bang, bang, bang, and bang.

I recommend women by the carload go to Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day in Springfield at the Prairie Capitol Convention Center by noon on March 7 to express their outrage to the Chicago Machine legislators about this travesty.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Government Hogs are Rooting at the Fence

Dan A. Mefford, D.C.

When I was on the farm we had quite a few hogs.  We found that a substantial amount of time had to be spent fixin' the fence to keep the hogs in.  If an ole sow rooted too much in one area we usually wired a hedge post in that spot so that she could not effectively work on the fence itself.  ‘Cuz’ once she got her nose under she would work and root and dig and stretch until she could get out.

Now government has a lot of parallels to the hogs.  Our Founders made it clear that the government was a lot like those hogs.  It would advance and root and dig and stretch until it ruled every facet of our lives.  The founders made it clear that government needs the “chains” of the Constitution to bind it down to prevent it from becoming tyrannical.  It is the nature of Government that it loves to hog power and hog our Liberty and it does it all under the name of necessity and it is for the “good of the People” or for the “children” or to maintain a “civilized” society or to defend the People against certain enemies, or maintain the public safety or health. 

These are all fine sounding things that have a measure of relevance.  However it does this by exerting control over the daily aspects of our lives.  It does this by removing choice and by making our decisions for us.  Such as whether we can consume certain things that it deems aren’t good for the People.  Or that the People and private business must use a safety harness (OSHA) for certain tasks, however government entities are exempt.  At what point does rooting and hogging of power need to stop and the number one function of government, the preservation of fundamental rights to, Life, Liberty and Property, need to be enforced? 

It is not up to the Government to fix the fence.  Remember the ole sow she isn’t interested in a good fence she is interested only in what she wants.  Government will NEVER restrain itself.  It is up to the People to restrain government by fixing the fence and reminding it that its number one responsibility is to preserve fundamental liberties and rights.  Government has no interest in preserving fundamental rights because that restrains its power.  It is not about to fence itself in!

I believe one of the Founders stated that the price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.  The vigilance must be exerted by the People to contain and restrain government.

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