Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Government Hogs are Rooting at the Fence

Dan A. Mefford, D.C.

When I was on the farm we had quite a few hogs.  We found that a substantial amount of time had to be spent fixin' the fence to keep the hogs in.  If an ole sow rooted too much in one area we usually wired a hedge post in that spot so that she could not effectively work on the fence itself.  ‘Cuz’ once she got her nose under she would work and root and dig and stretch until she could get out.

Now government has a lot of parallels to the hogs.  Our Founders made it clear that the government was a lot like those hogs.  It would advance and root and dig and stretch until it ruled every facet of our lives.  The founders made it clear that government needs the “chains” of the Constitution to bind it down to prevent it from becoming tyrannical.  It is the nature of Government that it loves to hog power and hog our Liberty and it does it all under the name of necessity and it is for the “good of the People” or for the “children” or to maintain a “civilized” society or to defend the People against certain enemies, or maintain the public safety or health. 

These are all fine sounding things that have a measure of relevance.  However it does this by exerting control over the daily aspects of our lives.  It does this by removing choice and by making our decisions for us.  Such as whether we can consume certain things that it deems aren’t good for the People.  Or that the People and private business must use a safety harness (OSHA) for certain tasks, however government entities are exempt.  At what point does rooting and hogging of power need to stop and the number one function of government, the preservation of fundamental rights to, Life, Liberty and Property, need to be enforced? 

It is not up to the Government to fix the fence.  Remember the ole sow she isn’t interested in a good fence she is interested only in what she wants.  Government will NEVER restrain itself.  It is up to the People to restrain government by fixing the fence and reminding it that its number one responsibility is to preserve fundamental liberties and rights.  Government has no interest in preserving fundamental rights because that restrains its power.  It is not about to fence itself in!

I believe one of the Founders stated that the price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.  The vigilance must be exerted by the People to contain and restrain government.

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