Sunday, December 21, 2014

Don't Do Unto Others...

Recently in our neighborhood we have had some uproar.  Thank God I am not directly involved, mainly I’m an observant by stander and neighbor.  Quite a few people in our neighborhood like to shoot.  In fact some of our family shot today for about 30 – 45 minutes. 

I am a member of the neighborhood where all the hoopla has occurred.  While our little neighborhood is not in town, it is sort of a little town of its own.  We have no “Home Owners Agreement” on either side of the highway, but we usually all get along alright, in fact usually rather well.  We help each other out, pass around little gifts at Christmas and generally try to maintain good relations.

In this case, at least as I understand it, some daytime shooting exceeded what one neighbor’s nerves could take on that particular day.  Some intense and heated words followed.  This led to some hard feelings and an over-reaction that caused some target shooting followed by touching off of some Tannerite (BOOM!) in the evening hours.  That in turn disturbed many other neighbors and then the escalation really occurred.  IOWs the WAR was ON!

It is important to understand that we have a fundamental right to KEEP and to BEAR an arm for the defense of ourselves, family, friends, and our country.  Along with the right would come the need to practice proficiency etc.  However it is critical that we understand that all rights have a corresponding fundamental responsibility to exercise that right in a manner that is in harmony, as much as possible, with all your neighbors.  In this case "gasoline" was poured on the fire and now there are some really raw feelings on the part of many neighbors against one neighbor.

The fact is that in order for our society to survive we have to ask ourselves certain questions.  “Will my actions unduly create discomfort, annoyance and discordant feelings on the part of my neighbor?  If so, just how bad do I need to do whatever it is I want to do? 

I like to use Biblical examples to guide my life.  My first thought is the old Jewish saying that went like this, "Don't do unto others what you have them not do to you."  Jesus enhanced the old saying and said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  I think these two sayings apply to this case.  If your conduct/action leads to very harsh feeling from your neighbor then figure out a way to avoid that if possible.  Now, I haven’t even talked about “loving your neighbor as yourself” or WWJD, what would Jesus do?

Some solutions that might work here is to find another place close by if you must shoot at inconvenient hours.  And only shoot for short periods when in close proximity to folks.  Let’s face it loud noises are obnoxious to folks, period.  If done frequently it leads to hard feeling and that just doesn't fit with what the Good Book says.

A little shooting during normal waking hours should be fine.  Shooting during times when people are settling in for the evening should be avoided.  If shooting has to be done at times that might be inconvenient, then let’s find a different place.  This is Pike County we can surely make that work.  Now if we can find a way to bury the hatchet and get back down to our usual boring existence that would be fine with me.  I think everyone involved are good folks.  Just have to get it figured out and get things cooled down.  AND, NO, we don’t need any stinkin’ new law!  Oh, and Merry Christmas.