Saturday, January 15, 2011

Socialized Medicine - Obamacare

For my office newsletter I prefer to write about the exciting “newsy” advances in the wonders of modern chiropractic I can’t help but place the concerns I have for the health of our great Republic on the front burner.  These issues, at least in my mind, have special bearing on whether our children will even have the liberty to seek out and pay for their choice in preferred health care.  If the National Health Bill ever gets implemented the government will decide who gets what. 
The most massive amount of health expenditures occur in the last 20 years of life.  In the last 20 years of life people are, in general, not as productive in society, economically speaking.  They do not pay as much in taxes however they consume the most health care.  Consequently a flow chart will be used by those in charge of “approving” and paying for procedures.  The easiest way to cut health care costs will be to limit the health care to those who are “past” their prime income producing and therefore tax producing years. 
For example if you are 70 years old and you need open heart surgery the flow chart would be activated.  You’re 70 years, you pay no taxes, and the country has no hope of getting any return from you.  The cost would be $500,000 plus for an uncomplicated surgery and all you would do is live and collect more benefits with no offsetting production.  You would be denied the service as too expensive for no return to the economy. 
If you were 35, you would likely pay taxes, be productive within the work place, you would be around to help support your children and might or could pay taxes for many years therefore you might get the surgery.  It sounds cold and cruel but that’s how it will be done if we dump our capitalist system for a socialist / Marxist nation. 
Inversely, as demonstrated in other countries with nationalized health care, people will go to the doctor for health concerns which they never would have in the past  ( a hang nail for instance), because it doesn’t cost them anything anyway.  These issues will clog the system and utilize valuable system resources decreasing availability for the truly sick.
In some of these countries, even if you can afford to pay for your own health care, the physician is not allowed to take patients outside of the system or the Dr. will go to jail.  Hopefully you would be able to go to Mexico just as the Canadians and many others from all over the world come to America now.