Monday, February 11, 2013

Justice and the pit bulls…

Recently it is reported that a man came to the aid of a child who was being attacked by 3 pit bull dogs.  The man ran back into his house and retrieved a hand gun that he kept in his home.  The man shot one of the dogs, in the mean time an officer who heard the commotion responded and shot and killed the other two dogs.

We would be perfectly logical to assume that as additional officers arrived on the scene that the injured child would be the first concern of the additional officers who arrived a few moments later.  We could assume that as they gathered the information about what just happened that the officers on the scene would be congratulating and thanking the citizen for valiantly coming to the aid of a child.  We could further presume that the citizen would be nominated for a humanitarian award for his efforts at saving a child from further maiming and possibly death.

However in the report that I reviewed, that is not how it went down.  We are given to understand that the first questions before the child was taken care of was just whether or not this citizen had a permit, which is a permission slip from government, for the gun he had in his possession.  The citizen instead of getting a medal is about to get charged with not begging for his permit from government, which is nearly impossible to get and a very expensive process in the crime ridden environment of our nation’s capital. 

It is said that the wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow, but also grind exceedingly fine.  Well it appears that our brave citizen, in his own interest, should have let this child be torn to pieces by the dogs.  It would appear that the child has been torn and badly injured, but will live, only to be followed by the tearing to pieces of the child’s savior.  Perhaps the “system” will decide in this instance not to prosecute, or maybe persecute is more appropriate, this citizen for exercising his fundamental right to keep and bear an arm in defense of himself, his family, friends, and neighbors. 

Think it can’t happen here.  It is already here.  In the state of Illinois you can be prosecuted for not begging for permission of government to have, to hold, to keep, and to bear an arm in defense of yourself, friends and family.  Now in the downstate region it mostly is not going to happen as it did above.  Civil disobedience to unconstitutional edicts on the part of the police and other elected officials is gaining ground.  It appears to me that our officers and State’s Attorneys have more sense than the bigger cities, especially the Chicago Machine crowd. 

Nevertheless we must move our state ever closer to constitutional government as best we can.  We must do our best either by getting appropriate corrections by our legislature, or failing that by the ignoring of stupid unconstitutional laws created by the Chicago Machine.  Otherwise we will be ground up slowly in the system of supposed justice.  Perhaps we can be encouraged though that the grinding will be exceedingly fine.  I think not…

Hmmm, an update…  The latest news as I was checking; it appears that it would be, “problematic” in this case to file charges against our hero.  Let’s hope “problematic” keeps charges away.  I wonder if he will get his gun back in time for the next life threatening circumstance.  When the system makes criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens, something is appallingly wrong.

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