Monday, February 11, 2013

Samuel Whittemore, Patriot…

The research is easy on this Patriot.  Just Google his name and “Patriot” and it will come up.  The man was 80 years old when April 19, 1776 rolled around.  He might have heard the “shot heard ‘round the world.”  He was out working in his field as he heard the early shots of the American Revolution begin.  As the story goes he hustled into his house retrieved his musket and two dueling pistols that he acquired in the heat of an earlier battle at the young age of 64, and a sword.

Samuel headed out by his lonesome to engage the British redcoats that he could see coming his way in the distance.  With no backup he waited in ambush behind a stone wall and single handedly, at essentially point blank range, took on the British army.  He fired the shot from his musket, then with no time to reload against the advance of the enemy, he pulls out his dueling pistols and unloads on two more, accounting for the lives of three of the enemy.  At that time he pulled his sword and greeted the enemy with his sword.  He was cut down with a shot to the face by a 69 caliber bullet.  At this point the enemy bayoneted him 13 times.

Hold up!  That is not the end of the story.

Well Ole Samuel was left for dead, with his face half torn off and bleeding from 13 stab wounds.  Surprisingly the when the family came to pack his body home, they found him still alive and trying to reload.  They took him home to die.  The crusty old codger did die, but not for another 18 years or so at the ripe old age of 98. 

And so here we are some 237 or so years later faced with another government that is totally out of control.  How can I determine this?  Can you imagine the Chicago Machine telling this man that he has to get a FOID card to own or carry his gun?  Can you imagine a Mayor Bloomberg telling this American Patriot that he couldn’t drink Pepsi out of a container larger than 16 fluid ozs?  That would be a site to behold. 

This all begs the question?  Where do we, as American Citizens, American Patriots, draw the line?  Well I don’t think I would go to war over a drink but when the government tries to take your guns via edicts creating criminals out of otherwise law abiding citizens, I think we can find the line.  “Can I find the courage to stand?” remains the question.  Will we hang together, or will we hang separately?  Those are the questions that bear the scary answers.  You don’t have to be a spring chicken to make a difference and set the example, but you will have to take a stand.

Whittemore?  Hmmm…  With a little shorter spelling, that could be a local name.  I wonder if this old Patriot’s blood ‘runs’ in Pike County.  If it does, you can bet it won’t run!

I thank everyone for the many words of encouragement.  

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