Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hmmm.... It's beginning to look like the Chicago Machine is getting fully ready to battle the People in an attempt steal more Liberty.   The Machine is getting nervous that Illinois may have a measure of Liberty if they don't get everyone hyped up to steal everyone's guns by passing more unconstitutional laws.  It would appear that the plan as usual is to pass the unconstitutional law anyway then let "whoever" take it through the courts over the years it takes to fight this type battle; meanwhile there is an illegal law on the books that is being enforced, at least until it is struck down again.  Then they simply revise and pass again.

Well they have the number of days you see below to get it done.  Let's hope that it will get confounded by the pro-liberty legislators that are coming in.  Will they be enough?  We will see...  In the mean time continue on all other fronts.  Buy ammo and guns as the budget allows...

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