Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Are some rights more equal than others?

Sometimes the concepts of Liberty are just too simple to comprehend easily.  That is almost an oxymoron phrase.  We have been indoctrinated with the implications for so long in our schools that our rights come from the Constitution.  However the very simple truth is that they are a gift from our Creator, Higher Power, by right of birth, by the fact that we are born, etc.  Whichever one works for you will work for the thoughts expressed here.  

I recently ran across an article that really gave me another perspective that I thought I would share.  The Bill of Rights (BOR) describes or enumerates a number of very important rights that are essential to a free people.  The author made it clear that no one expressed right was of a higher value than another.  For example when the question, “Why would anyone need more than 10 rounds to hunt with?” would then become “Why would anyone need more than 10 books?” or “Why would anyone need more than 10 bibles?” or “Why would anyone need more than 10 letters to the editor?” or “Why would any one town need more than one newspaper or church?”

The real truth is, “why” doesn’t matter.   What matters is that there shall be no infringement of a fundamental right.  Trying to turn the discussion into hunting or target shooting or the “need” for another church or paper or book is not the government’s business.  In the case of arms or firearms, the protection is very specific.  One lone enumeration is in the Second Amendment.  That is the right of the people to keep and bear arms without infringement.

In the same article the author pointed out how “fallacious” it is to support one right over others.  For example to say, support “Life” without supporting “Liberty” does not compute.  What is Life without Liberty?  What is Life and Liberty without the right to own Property?  Suppose you can have Property but no Life.  Well that doesn’t work either.  Maybe you could have Property and Life but no Liberty.  Then you can mix in various aspects of the other rights in the BOR.  Missing any one of these rights will lead to unhappiness and servitude of slavery.  So what does that do for Pursuit of Happiness?

The key component of the Second Amendment is that it is necessary to preserve all of the other rights combined.  Without the People retaining the right to self-defense against any and all who seek to encroach on these essential elements of Liberty then you are again back at the potential for servitude.  While we don’t like to think that our government here in the land of the free would take advantage of us, the truth is the governments at all levels tend to grow by nature.  The same as an old sow will keep on eating and growing.  It is not that she is evil; she is just acting according to her nature. 

Likewise government in itself is not evil, it just finds ever increasing need to govern for the safety of the children, the workers (OSHA), the environment (EPA), as defense against drugs, or terrorism and you can go on for pages.  Therefore it is essential that we the people remind government of its true purpose as expressed in the first legal document of the USA, the Declaration of Independence.  It states therein “…that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men…”  That is not Dr. Mefford saying that, it is the Founders who pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor while becoming traitors to the king at the stroke of a pen. 

Beware the “thieves of Liberty” who would pass unconstitutional “edicts” and laws to steal your rights in the name of “public safety.”  One fine officer who I have had the privilege to meet states repeatedly that, “when tyranny comes to your door it will be wearing a uniform.”


  1. You need to seek professional help. I have been following your posts and letters to the editor, and I am seriously concerned for your mental health. Many people who are schizophrenics have delusions about the government following them etc, and I feel that you may be showing some symptoms of this. Please get some help!

    1. @Anonymous: Thank you for your concern about my mental health. If that is the way you feel, it might concern you to know that in the 2 1/2 years that I have been more actively writing about Liberty issues I have only had 3 negative comments.

      That would mean that you are surrounded by about a hundred to one people who share my particular thought process. Since a lot of what I reflect comes from the Founders of our country I am further persuaded that I share the same thought processes as they did. Somehow that doesn't bother me a bit. I would not want to imply that I am as smart as they were, nor half so courageous.

      Regards, Dan A. Mefford, D.C.

    2. Dear Anonymous. It is not paranoia or delusion to be cognizant or aware of your surroundings. If you are incapable of putting a few factual points together to develop a trend and see a reasonable vision of the future, that's not cause for mock or ridicule. There were plenty of those arguments made in Austria, Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia in the early part of the last century. Those individuals were just as victimized and persecuted (and just as dead) as those who behaved as the adults and tried to fend it off.

      It's confusing to me, frankly, why you are here.

      It it seems a bit contradictory for someone who posts as "Anonymous" to admit to frequently following a blog that is without question pro-firearm, and unashamedly so, and who would also question the mental health of the blog's creator and author. What would motivate such an individual to frequent such hostile territory? Why post as anonymous, if not concerned about the publicity that a courageous posting might cause? Would that not itself indicate a certain degree of paranoia? Third, why not at least post in a friendly environment, instead of hiding behind anonymous to lob snarky potshots behind enemy lines? Perhaps a bit of a troll psychoses is involved?

      I consider your post, from the purely entertainment perspective, to be high comedy, at the very least. Thanks for the laugh. Looking forward to you further sharing your wisdom.

    3. @Anonymous: I think it's funny how you can be such a coward by not letting your name be known, while accusing Dr. Dan Mefford of being mentally ill. I have known Dan Mefford for years, and I have upmost respect for him. He loves America and he is a patriot. There are more people that agree with him on where our founders of this country stood, than you think. More people don't speak out against decisions that our government is making and the direction that they are taking us, because of people like
      you that are in a bubble and respond by accusing them of being mentally ill. I mean, what's crazy here? Someone that is a law abiding American getting accused of being mentally ill, because he wants to inform others of our American heritage and encourage them to know more about our history and freedom in this country, while encouraging people to beware of our government and the direction that they are taking us? Or our screwed up judicial system that lets criminals out early for good behavior so they can rob, rape, and kill, while our government keeps putting more restrictions on us, putting us over 16.5 trillion in debt, and giving money, fighter jets, and tanks to our enemies? So, go ahead and get your news source from NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC. Keep those blinders on, Anonymous! There are people in this country that fight every day for your freedom of speech...that's the 1st Amendment. So, go ahead and be a puppet. Many Americans in this country refuse to be, and I'm sure that you have neighbors that feel the same way as myself and Dan Mefford.
      This Saturday, there is a gun auction in Pittsfield. You should attend, so you can see Dan Mefford, Jon Freeman, myself, and many others like us, buy firearms. Until then, I encourage you to take a history class, so you can learn about our US Constitution, our founders, and why the Revolutionary War was fought. I encourage you to read about Germany's history, too. That will show you what could go so wrong when you get your 2nd Amendment taken away.

    4. Posting anonymously greatly hurts the credibility of your post. To say that common sense logic and literal interpretation of our rights as they were given is a sign of mental illness is just ludicrous. I find it very disturbing when people such as utilize one of your rights to oppose having such rights. Look at the facts of what is happening in this country. I see no paranoia what so ever. We have a president that consistently circumvents our system of checks and balances with executive orders and asserts more power for himself every time. If you cannot see the problem with this then perhaps you are the mentally ill individual here.

  2. Very well written Dr. Dan, and a different take on the whole issue at hand. While a large number of people can relate to the 2nd amendment, some may not. And i believe you are correct in saying that all rights are and were created equal. I couldn't fathom the idea of not being able to speak freely. And i think most people that think this country of ours is "fine" and "nothing is going to happen to our rights" are those that have come to take them for granted. And in saying that i think we all have at some point. But they they live their lives so busy with what the media and the Government throw their way they lose track or focus on whats really happening , this is simply my opinion. I for one have thought long and hard on what losing just one of my God given rights would be like and what it opens up for the Government to do next.The saying "give an inch and they take a mile"..well i for one will not give an inch to anyone who wants to infringe upon my rights. I took an Oath when i joined the Military over 20 years ago to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. And i will continue to do so until i die. You give them one of our rights where does it stop? Thanks for your long hours and devotion to our country, to our rights and freedoms. God Bless and God Speed Dr. Dan. Keep fighting the good fight!

    1. Jon, your comments are heart warming. Your heart beats with Liberty for your family, your nation, and your country. It is difficult to conceive that your life could be turned upside down in a short period of time in the right circumstance. You can ask the Japanese Americans from WWII. You can ask any number of tribes from history about the deceptions and betrayals of the US Government in years past. We must remain Semper Vigilare (Ever Vigilant) or we or maybe our children also will wake up once again in bondage...

      Semper Vigilare, Dr. Dan

  3. Great post Dr. Mefford. I am evermore becoming aware of the average citizen to hand over everything to the Government to fix their problems, or to provide their safety. We need more people to hand their problems to God, and provide for their own safety. Our rights are provided by a gracious God and our constitution only describes and protects those rights. We can not chose to accept one right while denying another. Keep up the good fight, I will be your psychiatrist for a moment and declare you in good mental health.