Monday, January 28, 2013

When sufferings become insufferable…

The Declaration of Independence states that, “…all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms [of government] to which they are accustomed…”  This phrase has intrigued me for many years.  I always wondered just where that point is reached within the frame work of a free People when they say, “The sufferings are no longer sufferable.”

Apparently this point has been reached by millions across the country.  The sheriffs across the USA are being faced with the question, “Where will you stand, sheriff, when they attempt make our guns illegal and then confiscate?”  All of the members of the Utah Sheriff’s Association have written a stern letter to the leader of the free world, President Obama, explaining that they are ready to lay down their lives
to prevent federal government agents from seizing one firearm from the People in their state.  Montana, Wyoming and Missouri and others are in the process of writing legislation that would, in essence, throw down the gauntlet to the Federal government.

New York is about to find that line in the sand.   Many gun owners have come out publicly, and in essence, have dared the government to "Come and Take'em," Molon Labe.
  We will see how this works for them.  The climate has changed.  Attitudes have changed. The Americans have essentially arrived at the same place as our Founders did some 238 years ago.  Will present day Americans be able to stand?  Oh I think so.  I further think the "government" will have a hard time finding enough cops or National Guard that would even think of doing their bidding, at least if they are like most of the cops I know. 

In addition to this, if you can imagine it, there is a movement among the sheriff’s in Illinois to lay down the same challenge to those who would attempt enforce unconstitutional edicts handed down from any legislator, including the Chicago Machine.  What will it take to help judges, prosecutors, and other government agents understand that there are a lot of the People out there who are beginning to say, “Please don’t cross the line?” 

I will never forget in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, law enforcement, and military began confiscation of people’s firearms.  They forcibly entered and took/stole the People’s private firearms in the middle of disaster so they couldn’t defend themselves from marauding bands of thieves.  Think it can’t happen here?  If it can happen there it could happen here.  All the powers that be need is another horrible tragedy to stimulate emotional turmoil to blame an inanimate object for an evil deed.

We have been patient, and suffered with the unconstitutional FOID card scheme that allows out of state people from anywhere to buy ammo and guns that local people cannot buy without their government permission slip.  Now the Chicago Machine wants to take all of our semi autos away from the Citizens.  Illinois is the only state where the People have put up with this scheme.  Somehow I don’t think it will last much longer.  They don’t have enough room in all the jails in the USA to put the down staters away that will be made criminals. 

It would appear to me that the sufferings are about to become insufferable.  I wouldn’t recommend the Feds or the Chicago Machine push that far.  Awakenings can be rude and painful.  Chicago is contemplating taking my dad’s guns that he handed down to me.  The same ones I will be passing to my kids.  Many years ago the Spartans were threatened by the Persians with annihilation if they didn’t surrender peacefully their arms and become slaves.  Rather than give up their arms some 300 stood in the gap and fought to the death to save their people and their means of self defense.

Will that become necessary?  I don’t think so, but I will not willingly give up one iota to the thieves of Liberty.  I abide by all just laws. But all unconstitutional laws are null and void on their face.  They are void from their inception not from the date they are finally declared unconstitutional (Marbury v Madison).   Someday I will relate the story of Samuel Whittemore, kind of a local name.  You can Google it and see how a real 80 year old patriot takes a stand.  Enjoy one of my favorite stories from the American Revolution.

Thanks to the many who continue to extend to me their encouragement to stay in the fight, and to the occasional person who challenges me with their disagreement, in one case vehemently, but who have yet to study history enough to gain the perspective of the Founders and many others who have suffered at the hands of governments out of control of their People.  Shame on those who have studied history yet refuse to accept that history is replete with stories of those who have chosen to ignore it; and then repeat it.

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