Sunday, January 1, 2012

The American Dream

     I keep hearing People talk about the American Dream.  The “Dream” is often referred to as nice home on some acreage with a two car garage and a couple of kids and a decent job with a pleasant wife or husband.  Well that sounds good to me.  However I can’t help but let my mind wander back into the recorded early history of our country. 
     We have just celebrated another Thanksgiving Day a few weeks ago.  Were the Pilgrims and others who came to the New World looking for a nice home on a little acreage too, you know with a few stalls in the barn?   Or what really brought them through a long and burdensome voyage with little to eat and severe hardships.  What was the dream?  It was the yearning to be free.  Free to worship and live their life in the manner of their choosing.  They had no assurance that they would have any decent home.
     Their dream was to escape tyranny and hopefully find a measure of Liberty.  Their only assurance was that the road they had committed to was going to be hard and they may die.  However if they died, they would die free.  They would die following their conscience.  They would not die in shackles or burning at the stake.  The tyranny they faced in the New World was the honest hardship of hacking out a new life in wilderness, facing “savages,” and maybe wild beasts.  These uncertainties were preferred over fighting the shifting political winds of change over the method and manner of their particular exercise of faith.
     As we enter the New Year it is my sincere prayer, it is my sincere hope, that the People will closely scrutinize the candidates and figure out who is most likely to return our Country to Constitutional form of government.  The defeat of tyranny was achieved by a rag tag motley crew of down home grassroots backwoodsmen.  I fear if we don’t raise up a host of People who have the original American Dream in mind that this great experiment in Liberty will be swept into the trash can of history as one more failed form of government.
     Our kids and grandkids deserve our very best attempt at restoring Constitutional government.  We must study and learn so that we will have some of the same knowledge that the Founders acquired.  Hopefully we can begin to put the ‘out-of-control’ state and federal governments back in their chains.
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