Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why do out-of-staters have more rights in Illinois?

It has recently come to my attention that a nice little town in Montana, a lot like Pittsfield, IL., where I live, has had a beloved school teacher abducted and presumed murdered.  The story is that a few days ago a teacher in Sydney, MT, may have been abducted or any number of things along the road she usually ran for exercise.

In Montana you have the right to carry for any lawful reason.

While your are at it you may want to view this Youtube video of a cop who encourages carrying a defensive firearm on a regular basis... WARNING, this is a very audibly disturbing video with an elderly defenseless lady on a 911 call.  She is being brutally beaten to death.  You will not want children present as this is viewed due to the audible component.

Somehow we need to become aware that in Illinois only out-of-state people are allowed to carry a gun with no FOID card.  Illinois residents are not allowed to carry or own guns without a FOID card.

I would like to know what makes out-of-staters such trustworthy folks but Illinois residents are so horrible?  Ask every legislator this question, ask every judge, every official that you meet why Illinois citizens are so suspect that they must ask permission of the state to own or carry a firearm?

Further, only out-of-staters are allowed to buy ammo with just a drivers license showing they are from out-of-state.  Same question... It is time to get in YOUR FACE with these people...

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