Friday, April 25, 2014

Bundy Ranch range war gets ugly...

Cliven Bundy made some awkward remarks that were edited out of context by the New York Times.  Imagine that!   The best documenting of this was done and exposed by Pat Dollard in the post titled HOAX EXPOSED.  You must watch the whole unedited video to understand the context for the remarks he made that have everyone so hot and bothered.

I have enjoyed watching particularly astute posts by folks of color who lay it all out in "black and white."  I recommend that you view these two videos...

And then check this one out...

Never underestimate the length that the main stream media will go to to destroy the message of Liberty.

****Added Sunday 4-27-2014

Nevada congressional candidate adds his perspective as a person of color to this.  I think he really did a good job of dealing with this...:

Nevada Congressional Candidate Deals with Bundy’s Comments with Class

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