Friday, July 6, 2012

Where Did the Constitution Go?

Where did the constitution go?  Long time passing…  The constitution was written in non-legalese of the day so that the average individual could understand it.  The language has the appearance to those of us in the 21rst century of being somewhat arcane.  However arcane it may be, it is still relatively easy to read to those who are willing to read it.  

I am struggling to find authority in there to force the People to do anything.  Article 1, Section 8, authorizes certain powers be granted to the government, however I can see nothing in there about forcing the People to participate in commerce so the government can regulate it and in turn penalize the People with Obamatax if they don’t comply.  Convoluted?  No more so than Justice John Roberts convoluted reasoning process to arrive at the decision that forces the People to buy health coverage or else...

I have heard of folks who are so “heavenly minded” that they are of no earthly good.  Now I can see that there are definitely people sitting on the Supreme Court who are so convoluted and “governmently minded” that they imagine that the government edicts are next to Godliness.  Government knows best!  You must obey!  You have no choice!  You will comply!   

Does that mean if I refuse to participate in the scheme, and further refuse to pay the Obamatax to the IRS, they will throw me in jail?  If I refuse to go politely to jail and resist with all resources available to me, that they will kill me?  I suppose that would save the government money for my health care.  If you don’t believe that can happen just refuse to obey an order of the court, see who comes to get you.  And if you continue to resist to the full extent, ask yourself what the authorities will do to you to make you comply.

I suppose Obama will want to force me to eat oysters because they are so healthful for me, which in turn will reduce health care costs.  Well Mr. Obama, you just as well line up the death squad, because for me to eat an oyster that is what it will take!  Maybe we should pass a ban on smoking for Presidents, or else face your own squads.  After all government now has a “compelling interest” in reducing healthcare costs from people making bad choices.

Wednesday we celebrate Independence Day which began with the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on, July 4th, 1776.  This year on, July 4th, 2012, I suggest that everyone keep their powder dry.

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