Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pass A Law Against Stupid. . .

I recently returned from a trip to Wyoming. I was in the backcountry, out of reach by cell phone and did not use or listen to the radio for days at a time. While in Wyoming I exercised my fundamental right as a Citizen of a free country and carried a 9mm handgun most places. However when we came out of the backcountry to go visit a museum one day and we caught up on the news of the day only to discover that 12 people had been killed and many others wounded at a Colorado movie theater.

While ‘carrying’ in Wyoming I ran into three places that disallowed the carrying of weapons for personal defense, a national forest service office, a hospital and the museum we visited. You could say that there were 3 victim rich environments where the People were unable to defend themselves against a determined well armed attacker.

The amazing thing is, apparently the Colorado attacker could not read, or perhaps never heard of laws which prohibited him from obtaining weapons for use with mal‐intent, or never read the sign at the theater which did not allow weapons. Apparently the only people who followed the law and posted signs were the hundreds of law abiding citizens who made up the victim rich environment that this deranged individual used to kill his victims. It is also amazing to me that in a state where open carry of firearms is legal and concealed carry with a permit is legal, that this could happen.

It just, at least in my mind, shows that the law abiding will continue to be law abiding and those with a diabolic intent will continue to act out IN SPITE of all the laws on the books. What is even more remarkable is the Politicians continue to think that passing more laws, which only the law abiding will continue to obey, will actually fix the problem.

Now if weapons for personal self defense are not allowed it would appear to me that the business or entity which disallows the People the ability to defend themselves have now assumed the responsibility to defend their patrons against the crazies of the world. Passing a law against being crazy or deranged is the same as passing a law against stupid; it just isn’t going to work.

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