Monday, March 24, 2014

Paying it forward...

Over the past week parents of the local junior class came together to setup and promote the “After Prom” event that is designed to help our young people to have great time and not die through temptations to make destructive decisions. 
The junior class “pays it forward” by putting on the prom with assistance and guidance from the class sponsors.  In the process this lets the senior students have a year that they can celebrate and prepare to make their exit from high school without the responsibility of the heavy duty planning and execution for this event.  This process could be called “payin’ if forward.” We pay it forward this year, so that we can be at liberty to plan for graduation or just have it be less stressful as a senior.
Liberty is like that.  If our children are to be born free and experience the blessings of Liberty, then it is up to the preceding generation to hold the line and to “Pay it Forward,” so that the following generation can indeed be free.
As I look at the news across the water, I see the Russians lined up along the border of Ukraine.  It appears at this point that an invasion could be imminent.  As I understand it, the People of Ukraine have not been allowed to be armed for many years.  What defense can they use against this potentially invading army?  Sticks and stones and shovels and pitchforks against Russian tanks and Spetsnaz troops armed to the teeth.
While I “know” it can never happen here, I recall that the Emperor of Japan, or one of his commanders, was asked after he bombed Pearl Harbor if he would attack the American mainland.  He stated to the effect that he would not, “because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.
I watch these helpless folks as they tremble, waiting, watching, and wondering if they will be suddenly invaded in the middle of a cold dark night.  Perhaps their family will suddenly be caught up in an invasion with no means for self defense.  I sleep better knowing that in America, while not directly threatened at this point in time, I can rest a little easier knowing that I, and many others are trying to, “Pay Liberty Forward” by defending our sacred God given right to keep and to bear an arm from slick tongued politicians.

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