Monday, August 8, 2011

Liberty and the economy and reality………

By Dan A. Mefford, D.C.
     Let’s take a moment and look at our national debt…  Certain portions of economics are relatively simple.  It really doesn’t matter how big the unit is, the laws of economics do not change.  Many things in nature are the same.  Light from a little bitty flashlight travels the same speed as a massive spot light used to light up the night sky. 
     If an individual spends more than he makes he will go broke. The same applies to family, a business, a business “too big to fail” or a country.  Now it is true that the bigger the entity more people there are that have an interest in preserving the entity and more efforts will be made to prevent failure, but no matter how big, if the “law” is broken, the end result will eventually be broke.
     Liberty is the same.  It begins with the individual.  If you have a free individual then you have liberty.  If you have a free group of individuals then you have liberty.  The group can be as big as you can imagine.  It can encompass a nation.  Our country began this experiment in Liberty by essentially declaring the individual to be a sovereign or you could say a king.  Kings are considered free.  Each king in this country rules over one, himself.
     Free men have the ability to make choices.  They can choose to work or not work.  They can choose to be responsible or not.  They can choose…. you name it.  The sticky little part is that they must bear the responsibility and/or consequences of their choices.  No one else is responsible to ‘pay’ for their choices.  The rewards and penalties are meted out by nature and nature’s God, if you will.  These consequences of action had the natural effect of creating responsible people. 
     In today’s society and economy the government has assumed the place of softening the blows of the natural cause and effect.  It has become, what is so aptly termed, the “Nanny State.”  The result of softening the consequences is costly.  In the long run the Nanny State has now become the Master and the citizens have lost their sovereign status and assumed the place of the subject, slave, or servant. 
     When you lose your ability to make choices, even poor choices, then you have lost a portion of your liberty.  Remember the famous William Pitt quote, “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”  In America the same people who stand or sit in Washington have said we know what is best for you in nearly every aspect.  We will create OSHA to make the people safe.  We will create the EPA and tell you what light bulbs to use (what a joke?).  We will let you have a gun, if you get on your knees and beg for them.  Only certain guns of course, after all there are a handful of irresponsible people who shouldn’t really have them.  Therefore everyone must jump through our hoop so government can determine who is allowed to have them.
     Our masters in the Chicago Machine and Washington, D.C. are the ‘geniuses’ who think they can defy the basic laws of economics.  They think they can spend more than they take in and escape the consequences.  That is not going to happen indefinitely.  They think they can decide how much liberty we the People are able to exercise safely.
     Now it is time to get off our donkeys and elephants and get good successful business people to run for office and dump the candidates who are supported from ‘on high.’  We the people have to realize if we keep doing what we have been doing we will continue to get the same stinking consequences.
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